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There’s often much more to moving and storage than simply carting boxes around. If you’re paying a company to pack and move your possessions, you should get references, check them out at the Better Business Bureau website, ask about their guarantees,  get a bid, and review their contract carefully.

Many companies also offer their services as downsizers. They’ll help you make decisions about what to take, pack your items to move, and remove the items you’re leaving, either to a shop for sale, or to a donation site.

The better organized you are before the move, the easier it will be on everyone. Sorting items into the traditional three piles (keep, donate, discard) long before the movers arrive will help you control the bill as well as make sure that what you truly want and need in your new location arrives safely.

Careful packing, reliable and safe transport, and a service guarantee are important factors.

Storage units range from the do-it-yourself variety that rents a locked space to climate controlled units. Again, review the contract, make sure you understand the terms, and discuss your special needs. If you’re storing antiques, for example, a climate controlled unit might be important.  If it’s essentially just extra closet space for the holiday decorations and seasonal clothing storage, something dry and rodent proof might be sufficient.


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